A Little Bit About Us

Detroit Promo is dedicated to the Techno music scene worldwide from Detroit.

After two seasons on WMYD TV20-Detroit, Detroit Promo Tv has branched out to the streaming side of entertainment with – The Bassment. A DJ inspired show that will include interviews, singers and most of all DJs from around the world all live for one entertaining two hour show.


The Bassment airs “LIVE”


*** EVERY SUNDAY 7-9pm on detroitpromotv.com, Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram

The Bassment is broadcast live on the Detroit Promo TV website along with Facebook Live, Instagram and Periscope.


The Bassment is also recorded live in front of an small audience every Sunday 7-9pm, hosted by Body Mechanic and DJ Spade.


Over the past year we have had over a million people watch the The Bassment-Detroit worldwide and now our fan base is growing even bigger. To start 2017 we have already reached over 200K viewers for our first month of shows through our social media postings.


Please keep in mind that we are not backed/sponsored by any big business, we are considered underground. We are not compensated to host or broadcast the show, our guest come out for the love of music and the art of DJing, then to top it off our cafeteria lady makes a tasty meal every week for all in attendance. Good Ole Detroit Hospitality!


Over the course of a year we have showcased some of the best DJs the world has to offer and some of our guest include:


Gary Chandler (HOT105.7), DJ Macco, T. Linder (DTM) ,HazMat (Techno Musician), Sam Barker (Berlin), Ray 7 (UR), DJ Cent (FM98 WJLB) DJ Nasty, J.T. Money of Poison Clan, Claus Bachlor (Cologne) , Mark Flash (UR), HOU531,DJ Maaco (M.A.P), RayBone Jones, Agent X, Suburban Knight (UR Darkprint), Dimitri Pike (DTM Europe), Unofficial Matilda and many many more..